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Tarago Progress Association- TADPAI



Tarago Progress Association Inc (TADPAI) has arisen from a need to facilitate and unify the efforts of the community in the development and maintenance of the rural lifestyle valued by the residents of this district.

The Association aims to promote the district and assist the community to achieve its goals.


TADPAI Projects

TADPAI current projects are:

  • Village beautification - work is underway with assistance from Tarago Landcare, Goulburn Mulwaree Council, and Veolia Environmental Services to make the viullage more attractive, by planting trees and beatutifying the land around the Tarago Village

  • Tarago Hall Renovations - work is underway with the help of funding from Infigen to renovate the Hall electric works.

  • Tarago Youth Facility - TADPAI under the Goulburn Mulwaree Council Village PLANS funding has commissioned a site selection process for the future Tarago Youth Facility which includes a Skating and Recreational area for the youth and young at heart residents and visitors to Tarago. You can read the full report here

  • Miners Memorial and new park at Stewart Street - TADPAI is working with Goulburn Mulwaree Council, Veolia and Tarago Landcare to establish a park which includes a memorial to the Woodlawn Miners at Stewart Street. The park will include playground equipment and a piece of public art funded by Infigen, which will be erected to honour Woodlawn past miners.

  • New Residents Welcome Pack - TADPAI is producing a pack of useful and important information for new residents in our area.

  • TADPAI Members are people willing to workspare some time to help develop our community. Activities for members can include assisting with maintenence or development work in the village or surrounds, helping in liaising with council, or local developers, participating in decision making processes on tassk and projects of interaset to the community.

There is a nominal membership application fee and annual subscription fees. Please download and complete an applicatioon form, and leave it at the Tarago Service Station, Tarago Real Estate or 315 Cullulla Rd Tarago:

    Membership Fees:
  1. Application fee $3.00 per person
  2. Annual subscription $2.00 per person

The Membership Application form can be downloaded by clicking here.


TADPAI Sponsors

Sponsorship of TADPAI enables local businesses and local business owners to contribute to the developemt of the local community by providing sponsorship to TADPAI.

Sponsors will have business details appearing on the Community website, which can allow visitors to the website to jump to your own webste, or will provide contact details for your business.

To download a sponsorhip pack with more information, click here.