The Shed started in JAN17 and was located at the Show Grounds until the new purpose-built shed was opened by the Governor General on 17FEB19 in the centre of Tarago at 22 Wallace St. Membership is $10 per annum and is open to all men resident in Tarago and the wider district. Group days are Wednesday and Saturday from 10AM to 2PM however two or more members may access the Shed at other times by arrangement. The Shed facilities are available to the wider community, also by arrangement.


The Shed operates as a member of the Australian Men's Shed Association (AMSA) which aims to establish welcoming and supportive environments. We ensure and observe safe work practices, aim at improving the well-being of all men and support the community. Our members come from all walks of life, have a diversity of skills, take people as they find them, always attempt to support each other, are happy to help and provide advice and, most importantly find reasons to take the mickey out of each other and have a laugh.


Activities. The Shed offers a range of relaxation and recreation activities including:

* Coffee, cookies and conversation;

* Workshop activities, either individual or on behalf of the community;

* Programmes for a healthy mind, body & spirit including guest speakers;

* Games - darts, quoits, hookey, cards, board games;

* Visits to industry, other Sheds and local points of interest;

* Excursions and camping trips;

* Fundraising for the shed & community;

* Assistance for those with special needs;

* Mentoring others in the use of workshop tools and equipment;

* Committee meetings, open to all, held first Wed of the month with a members lunch.

* Any other stuff we can think of and accommodate.


A Typical Day at the Shed: Arrive about ten, get a coffee, meet and greet, head off to workshop to finish off your project or get some tuition on how to do welding or wood-turning. Sit in the recreation room to have a chat, read the paper, ask for some advice about your water pump problem, get a gripe off your chest that you have about the weather, brag about your grandchildren , listen to some music, browse through our library, use the internet facilities desk, stand around swapping stories with other s. J ust relax and then have lunch. JOIN US - our regulars are glad they did!




Owen Manley President 0409 04 17 83

Lou Alaimo Secretary 0428 32 86 86